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CABLE training in Edinet 

Within Novermber 30 and December 2nd a seminar was held for 20 participants from the 10 target parishes in Edinet. Thus during the 3 days of the training, the participants discussed and analyzed a range of topics using the CABLE methodology. People from the closest environment of the young people participated in the seminar such as priests, schoolteachers, social workers, librarians, students and other social actors.

Annual Forum 2017

On November 18, 2017, young people from 10 youth clubs from 10 different communities participated in the Annual Forum. Within the Forum, the young people presented the results of the program and the achievements of the three years of its implementation. 150 young people who attended the Forum did their best and participated in the project activities as well as in that organized by each club. 

Alex-club participate in Brain-Ring intellectual contest

On August 27, on the Independence Day of Republic of Moldova in the community center in Alexandreni village 14 young people, members of Alex-club youth club and other teenagers participated in an intellectual contest in order to improve their knowledge but also to increase intelligence level as well as to raise interest among the young people to learn and read useful books.

Old people deserve more respect

On June 23,  members of the Friends Forever Youth club in Şirăuţi decided to visit old people who are aged between 80 and 85 living alone on Prut Valley. 5 young people went to visit the elderly aiming to help them, bring joy and smiles, and especially to include the elderly in the community, giving them the feeling that they are part of it as well.

Importance of potable water discussed in Edinet

On June 6, 2017, the members of the Nicoliada Youth Club participated in a presentation on aquatic resources and discussed the regional and world ecological problems and solutions. 20 youngsters from the youth club were invited to the Edinet Regional Museum, where the professor of museums told them about these problems and they together tried to find solutions.